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We are in search of a gas-powered weed wacker over here in the chacha household and thus, have been trolling Craigslist. And I am seriously appalled at what people are giving away FREE. Granted, it's their stuff, they can do what they wish with it, but I could not imagine just giving this stuff away.

Like this stove.

How awesome is this vintage stove. This is worth some money. But I just don't have the time to try to get it - I mean, it'll get snapped up fast, I am sure, and with a day job, I don't have the ability to just take off and get it. One could snap this up, fix it up, and then resell it (because it certainly wouldn't fit in my house). Nevermind I don't have a truck to pick it up (I need a beater truck with a rack for those pesky long baseboards. But that's for another year, I think).

And these?

They look like the version I had in my old model house in the boonies (built in '99) so they aren't that old. Ten years tops. Double ovens, new, are minimum $1000. Plus, these are KitchenAid - a good brand, so new, the price is closer to $2500. I would think these ovens, if they are working, should run at least $300.

I also saw all kinds of wooden furniture, a great wooden pedestal table (dining room size), just free. What I would do with a pick up truck. Seriously, I maybe have to get a 4 cylinder pick up for my next vehicle. The automakers need to get on making a fuel efficient pickup.

Anyway, enough of my "I wish I had a truck to collect more junk." My point is, if you are looking for something, it wouldn't hurt to check the "Free" section of Craigslist because it just may be don't have to pay for what you need. I mean, jeez, if you just looking for furniture to fix up and resell or furniture for your house, seriously, check the free section. You just might find some lazy or uninformed folks giving away valuable stuff.


  1. Craigslist and pick-up truck definitely go hand in hand.

    Hope you find your weed-wacker. Mine is sitting next to me on the couch. Ha!


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