Medicine Cabinets?

Like many 80's tract houses, we have these bo-ring medicine cabinets implanted into the wall, on the side by the sink. So, not directly in front of you as you wash your hands, but on the side with yet another mirror, which to me seems odd.

Sorry for the flash - I didn't have the time to figure out how to take the picture without potentially blinding anyone who looks at it.

It provides some storage (not a huge amount) and it doesn't necessarily look bad, but it just seems weird to me that there is yet another mirror that is not really usable unless you contort your body to the side and if you stay in that position too long you end up with a charlie horse.

This bathroom, and the rest of them really, are going to get an overhaul at some point in the next 6 months or so, starting with the downstairs. I'm going to rip out the ginourmous mirror and replace with a smaller framed one, switch out the countertop for something tiled (that doesn't extend over the toilet), and get new cabinet doors with recessed hinges. I'll keep the cabinet frame, sink, and faucet, to reduce costs.

The other thing coming out is the horrendous 80's fluorescent light box.

Hello, Demo-With-a-Reciprocating-Saw! That has got to go - we have these light boxes in all three bathrooms. The Jack-and-Jill one upstairs has a light bulb (really, it's a tube) that is on its last legs and when you turn it on it's all psychedelic flashy. I should have a warning sign for any epileptics who might use that bathroom to exercise caution. Maybe not turn on the light when washing their hands. Seriously, these fluorescent light box fixtures suck and it's even worse that they are built-in with 2x4's and drywall. Makes replacing them that much more involved.

Anyway, what I'm wondering now is what should I do with the medicin cabinet? Leave it? Drywall over it and just have a wall with no medicine cabinet? Some kind of recessed storage? And is building out and trimming up recessed storage really worth the effort for the amount of storage it buys? I can't go any deeper into the wall there - the other side is the hallway into the garage...


  1. So my abilities extend NOWHERE near house improvements. I will suggest, however, that you think about installing tvs in the bathrooms. Just for your guests. :)

  2. Since you are so handy with the drywall/texture stuff, maybe it would be easy for you to just get rid of the hole.

    But the recessed storage could be a nice looking option if you didn't want to match texture.

    I like here stuff.


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