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Well, really, I have become boring. At least that's how it feels with this blog - I have nothing interesting to tell you good folks of the internets. But rather than leave you to listen to crickets here, I'm going to post about what mundane activities I have partaken in since the Great Craigslist Toilet Acquisition.

In answer to Girly Stuff, I haven't used a black toilet, but I actually saw one for sale on Craigslist and I was like "Now why would you ever get totally black bathroom pieces?" I don't like the idea of "hiding dirt" on a toilet. Picking darker flooring or darker fabrics for chairs to hide dirt is one thing, but a toilet needs to be a light shade so we know when to clean it, damn it. There. My two cents on dark toilets. I grew up with an avocado green one which was bad enough - luckily, one fine day it broke and my father replaced it with a bisque-colored one but kept the green seat!! Seriously, I'm all for reusing but there is no way I would have reused the avocado green toilet seat with a new bisque toilet.

One of the toilets has been installed as of yesterday - and, as always, it didn't not go 100% smoothly. The upstairs toilet used an old valve where the line to the tank was fused to the actual valve. And with our very hard water, when the Husband attempted to remove it, it broke from the corrosion. So that extended the install another 2 days (researching problem, buying the new valve, shutting off the water to the house, replacing, etc, etc). It works well and looks more spiffy than the other new one downstairs, though the seat is chair height which some people (you tall folks) like but when I sit on it, my feet dangle. Such is the life of the vertically challenged. I can't even catch a break on the john. Iffin' we have little ones, they'll need a stool to use the potty. I'm already making their life difficult.

In the kitchen, I have been dutifully installing the toe kicks on the cabinets. It really is a fiddly process - I have only one little bit left to finish, so, hopefully this weekend, the toekicks will be done and all that will remain is baseboards and then I can say the kitchen is completely done! More than one year in the making.


  1. You are not boring! Just swamped with potty problems!

    You should definitely show us pics of the finished kitchen next week. Complete with the bowl of green apples on the counter ala HGTV style.

  2. Congrats on the almost finished kitchen remodel! I can't wait to tackle mine (although it will be less extensive.)

    I just saw a black toilet somewhere and I thought it look awfully Vegas. I grew up with a yellow toilet in one bathroom and a light blue one in the other. So for the rest of my life I will now only ever have a white one.


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