I Have Been Known to Be a Ham...

Sooooo. I have the house to myself this evening and I went a little silly with the sound recorder on my laptop (since I would likely catch a lot of slack from the Husband for making a bunch of noise and also for recording myself). Girly Stuff mentioned something about not knowing if I sounded like Michael Stipe playing some obscure song (I can't remember what she wrote in her comment a while back), and I decided to subject you fine folks to my vocal prowess. Ha! Well, actually, it's an attempt at playing guitar and singing. Now, in all seriousness, I have only been playing guitar for about 2 months so cut me some slack on that part.

I had to put a random picture of something in order to create a video file since Blogger does not allow upload of sound files and after much research, I decided this here work-around would do fine.

Anyway, it's Angel From Montgomery, the Susan Tedeschi version. It's fairly easy to play though when you combine singing and then being aware of the fact that you are recording it and you would rather not screw up, it adds a bit more difficulty. At least for me.

Enjoy. Or stab your eardrums out with number 2 pencils.


  1. You sound better than Michael Stipe!

    Awesome voice chacha!

    Why aren't you on my iPod?

    Excellent guitar for only 2 months!

    I'm glad you recorded yourself!

  2. I've never gushed on a comment before!

  3. Holy Crap..you can lay flooring, you can play piano...you can manage your finances...you can sing and you can play guitar.

    I'll be over here in the corner trying to think of something I do well. Oh yah...I think I leave some pretty darn entertaining comments when I try. ;-)

    It was lovely..thanks for sharing. Seriously.

    Now let me go learn how to crochet safety nets from 69 cent toilet paper or something.....


  4. That is awesome! Both the guitar and the vocals. Well done!


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