Really, I'm Normally Very Punctual

I need your opinion. Now, I'll admit, I was late to this appointment but not because I didn't plan ahead. In the 2 months I've been driving this commute to and from my new work, I have never seen traffic like I saw today. Holy Moly, like what normally takes me 25 minutes, took 45 minutes. It was like 18 miles. Apparently some like fuel truck or something exploded (this is term they used on the radio) south of the office and jacked everything up. I mean, if I were in LA, I would expect this. This would be normal. In San Diego, it is not. It is not normal to be stop and go for 15 miles on the freeway. Anyway, what was I late for? My hair appointment. First one with this lady that was recommended by a friend. Another point to note is that this place doesn't answer the phone after 5pm. It goes straight to a recorded message about how reception hours are from 9am to 5pm. I didn't realize I was going to get screwed up the traffic until around 5:10pm (and I've called at 5:15 and it went to the recorded message). I had no way to call and say "Hey, I'm going to be late. If you don't want to wait, that's fine."

I get there 15 minutes late, flustered, after having driven like a maniac to try to not be any MORE late than I already was to this stupid appointment. Guess what? She was gone. Now, I am still sort of pissed off by this. I know, I was late, that is definitely my fault, though it was hard to plan for an explosion that blocks off a nearby freeway. However, sitting there on the counter, was the appointment book. There was my name and phone number - clearly a cell number because it's an LA area code. She could have called me and said, "Hey, I'm leaving" and I would have said "Ok, cool, I understand" and then driven home like a normal person, not been stressed out about trying to get there.

Now I am torn. The stylist I talked to said she'd leave her a message to call me to reschedule but (a) I'm tired of waiting to get my haircut, and (b) I'm annoyed that she couldn't give me the benefit of a call before she took off. She knows I'm a friend of her long-time customer and friend. And the reality is I would have totally called the salon if a live person would ANSWER THE PHONE after 5pm. So. Should I wait until week or two to get some kind of appointment given the situation (mind you, it's not really a cheap hairbut), or just go find somewhere else cheaper, and less of a freaking hassle?


  1. I would wait until 5pm tomorrow (in my head that was the reasonable amount of time I came up with) for her to call you. If she handles it well, apologizes (my kid's sick and I was so focused on getting there to pick him up and get him meds for his fever I totally spaced on calling you til I was laying in bed last night and realized that I should have called before just leaving) and you have a good gut feeling, then I'd give her another chance. If she blows you off or she does call but your conversation is not customer service friendly, I'd find somewhere else to spend my precious dollars.

    I have to imagine that hairdressers get stood up more often than we realize and at the end of a tiring day that might be hard to be patient about. She also may have had something to do after your hair that required her to be out of there on time. If you showed up 10-15-20 mins late that would have made her late as well. But, like you said, a phone call really was in order ESPECIALLY because you couldn't call them.

    I hate days like that. Sorry your day ended so crappy and I hope that by this time tomorrow you're feeling better about it one way or another.

  2. I think Maclaine gave the perfect response. Give her reasonable time to call, a good gut feeling by you, and reschedule. If it's not a good customer friendly call, then find another place and get it down this weekend. Lots of salons have cancellations and usually have SOMEONE open for you to get in quickly. If she can't reschedule you quickly but you'd like to try her sometime...explain that you're going to go ahead and get it down elsewhere for this cut but would like to call her for an appoint in 6-8 weeks or however long you wait between cuts.

  3. Under the circumstances (their phone situation) I think she should have called you to say, sorry, I can't wait. Question is, can you forgive her for not giving you the benefit of the doubt? If not, you have to move on and find another hairdresser.

  4. I agree with Maclaine too.

    I think hairdressers are stood up more than the average-appointment-driven-service provider. They have probably lost all faith in the general public. And until she meets you she won't know if you "would never do something like this" or not. Mine knows me enough now that if I'm not there she calls. And the two times it has happened it was their receptionist's problem of not passing along messages or calling the wrong number for me.


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