Flooring and Kitchen and Credit Crap Update

Let's start with the "Credit Crap Update" since it's fresh in my mind. So, I sent in my F-U letter to the management company and Equifax and in a seriously speedy time, they had come to a conclusion. That conclusion was to update the account to "paid". Now, that's all well and good, but I still have a collections record on my account that now says paid instead of unpaid. I want it erased, deleted, vanquished, obliterated from my credit report. I am sure that having a previous collections account is not in any way going to help my FICO score. So I called them this afternoon, at the number I was given should I have any questions regarding the investigation and told them I wanted it deleted because it was paid months before it was supposedly "deliquent." I sure hope they don't screw this one up now. Man. I couldn't give them anymore proof that it wasn't deliquent other than every single check copy I paid and the copies of both escrow closing statements (as buyers and sellers). I have a feeling they may not have reviewed my documentation very thoroughly, so hopefully they will get it right this time. I think I have had more than my fair share of bogus credit items.

Now, onto the house. Tooj asked how you hang plates. They sell plate hanger contraptions at Target, likely Wal-mart, Michaels, online, etc. They have little springs on the back and four hook arms that grip the plate. They run from 2-4 bucks depending on the size and where you go. However, I have found a tutorial from Martha (who else) where she (if it's even her - maybe it's one of her many minions) explains how to make your own with 18-gauge wire. So, this may be the route I go, though the hangers I got at Michaels have this nice plastic coating on the wire which is going to be less abrasive to my plates, so it'll be a matter of how cheap I'm feeling. I may just use the good ones on the nicer plates. Here is my current assortment of plates, all but one bought at thrift stores or yard sales (there are two more not shown on the table that were gifts). I have a long way to go in my collecting and also convincing of the Husband who is currently dubious that the plate wall isn't going to look like Doggie Doo Doo.


Some kitchen photos, you'll see my 3 little plates over the doorway. Be honest, do they look bad or no?





And here is the latest on the floor.







I am all the way into the family room now, on my way to the kitchen. I figure I'll be half-way through the kitchen by the end of the weekend...


  1. It all is coming together and may I say looks awesome!

    I love our husband's to death but do not listen one bit to esthetic opinions from them.

    To throw weight to your defense about the plates. The saltillo tile. Just look at it! Perfection! And that was all you!

    I really like the plates above the kitchen doorway.

    I think your combo of plates is fresh not kitchy. So I think looking like grandma's house won't be a concern.

  2. About the credit thing, I bet they'll do what you've asked if for no other reason than "they are lazier than you." They'll probably just take your word for it to avoid having to go over the paperwork again.

    I AM feeling the plate wall and I love the ones over the doorway. Shabby chic look? I like the plate collections I've seen where there is a dominant color running through it. (Not every plate, but punches of the same bright color.)

    The floors are looking so beautiful!


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