Another Mystery Gifter

I got home today, rather late, since I had my Chop-All-My-Hair-Off appointment after work which I'll get to later, but as I walked to the front door there was a package sitting there. Figured maybe it was something from my mother-in-law, she has the propensity to send stuff out of nowhere. I opened the package and there were plates! Now, the last time this happened, it was the keychain incident and it was like a small thing so while I was intrigued, but I am even more intrigued by where these plates came from... I am thinking it might be Frankie. I have some other ideas, but the weird thing is whoever it is knows my husband's last name and that I didn't change mine so they hyphenated the two together. Interwebs, to save me from going crazy, whoever you are, please send me an email so I can stop wondering who my plate wall stalker might be. Unless you derive joy from leaving me in suspense! Many thanks, though! I am getting close to a critical mass of plates where I may have to stop or get just a couple more specific colors...

So the hair. I ended up going to for a referral to find a place close to my office so that I don't have to bust my rear trying to get through traffic to make an evening appointment. I know, a little risky, but this place had 74 reviews, and only 2 were "bad" and 68 of them were 5 stars. That's a pretty darn good track record. Double bonus? $35 for the cut! Amy had mentioned before and after pics but I failed to get the before and I'm not sure about broadcasting my "visual" identity. Basically, it was long (past boob-length) and boring and brassy, dried-out at the ends (from the previous blond highlights I had done); now it's just shy of chin-length, bob-cut with that slight a-line thing where it's a little longer in the front and shorter with layers in the back. It's cute - I mean, I'm not like blown away, but it was $35. I mean, even when I've paid $60 for a cut, I'm still not blown away. I think unless you go to some like hot-shot stylist and pay $200 or something, it's likely that the quality is all pretty similar. This place is really reasonable - so much so that should the Husband find a job soon, I would consider doing some color again (because as much as it costs, it's fun to get color).

Oh, and one more funny thing. So, going to talk about lady parts now, or rather, hygenic products for lady parts, so if you're a dude, you have been warned. So, the Husband's first name is one of those androgynous names where it could be male or female, but his mom chose to spell it like the girl version (we are still scratching our heads over why she decided to do that). On more than one occasion, his gender has been mistaken by people/entities he didn't know, like colleges (a technical college he applied to in New Jersey thought he was a girl), catalog order companies (Victoria's Secret), etc. This last time was particularly funny. Kotex mistook his gender, somehow, and sent him 4 maxipad samples. Ha! So, obviously, I took them, and they sent two samples of these overnight pads with wings which are seriously the size of an airport runway. Like, land a 777 jumbo jet on them. I mean, yes, we need overnight protection, but this much? Damn. And then I mentioned I was trying them out to the Husband he said I shouldn't be using them because they're his.


  1. The couple that shares their fem hyg products is... destined to be together forever.

  2. woohoo for the hair!!

    and i got the SAME sample in the mail and you are right. they are GINORMOUS. :)

  3. Maybe they "knew" that "gender neutral" name person MIGHT be a dude...or previously WAS a dude...and knew that he-she would need a larger size....? Or not. :)

  4. I'm glad the hair worked out for you! And free hygiene products via the husband...priceless.

    So who is the mystery gifter?

  5. OK, thanks for the laugh. I feel like that little tidbit is helping me get to know the man of the house!

    Mystery gift plates? it!


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