Our Not Cheap Enough Office Space

I am reusing a room here - when The Nester did her Mistreatment Mr. Linky party over a year ago, I used this room. I am using it again, because, seriously? I have no rooms that are even remotely presentable (hi! no flooring! concrete slab! no baseboards!) except maybe my kitchen which has half a floor laid and if I priced that, well, yeah, it would be a major production. That's a Before and After post for the future that I will relish in spending hours writing! So I had to recycle if I wanted to participate in this latest Mr Linky party. Please forgive this minor transgression. If you care to peruse my renovation debacles endeavors, here ya go: all posts tagged with home improvement. This is the room where the currently unemployed Husband does his daily (and still fruitless) job search. Some pictures are from last summer, some from earlier in the year.

Desk - IKEA - $150, $20 paint

Chair - World Market - $90 after coupon and points

Diplomas - $120, hubby's diploma was framed and paint by his parents

Frames - accumulated over the years, maybe $20

Computer equipment - $600 mac mini (I love how little space it takes up on the desk), $150 monitor, $200 printer, speakers (The Husband bought them before we got married so, that is like free, right?)

Desk lamp - $30? I bought in 2001, don't remember anymore

Baskets under desk - World Market, guessing $5 for the little blue ones, $8 for the big one. $18

Filing cabinet - Kathy Ireland, I think it was around $300 in 2005

Corkboard - frame was $5 at a yard sale, corks free! (well, after paying for and drinking the wine), 97 cent can of matte black spray paint (Walmart) , maybe 75 cents in hot glue (yay! for the Nester re-introducing me to hot glue - I had forgotten how great this stuff is)

Photo/Storage boxes - leather one was a clearance item from Pottery Barn for $50 (some clearance, right?), others from Marshalls and Ross, $5-10 each

Leaning shelves, JCPenney, $99 each

Various trinkets and books (i.e. Collection of Crapola) - I have no idea what they cost, many were gifts. I do remember the little birds at the top are from the Grand Canyon. And the paintings are mine (so free!). I'll say maybe I've spent $100 on stuff and the rest were gifts.

Paint - one can of Behr, don't remember the color name at the moment - $20

Mistreatments! - the rods were free - the previous owners left them in various rooms so I repurposed them. Fabric, tassles (both from JoAnn Fabrics), glue, curtain clip rings (lowes, $5 each pack of 8-10), maybe $80 total.

And when the Saltillo tile (from Home Depot) is finally laid in this room (on schedule for... yeah, September - this is what happens when you do it yourself), the flooring will be about $150 including tile, mortar, grout, sealer, baseboards, etc. Does not include cost of my sanity. But it's my choice.

Total very ballpark, unscientific price: $2600.

Big thank you to The Nester for hosting!


  1. I remember this room from last time (because of the clever closet curtain). I did the same thing...no time to decorate this last year.

  2. I love your corkboard! What a great idea.

  3. Love that closet curtain cover-up idea!! I need one like that for my art closet, which is just left open all the time. Great ideas!!

  4. This is the room I "met" you on! I like all of it, but especially the corkboard.


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