We Own Four Cars Right Now. For Two People.

It's ridiculous and I'm almost embarassed that my neighbors probably think we're crazy. Four cars, and only one fits in the garage; we've got three cars parked on the street in an area where street parking seems more in demand than any suburban neighborhood where I've lived. I can just feel the hairy eyeballs pointed at our parking space stealing household.

Why do we have an absurd number of cars? VW Deiselgate.

Since October we've been in the process of getting the buyback completed (and it is not a fast process - I submitted my initial documentation October 25th). I got my confirmation to my my apopointment on Christmas (Merry Christmas to me!). New car search time!

Except we were really good at finding our next cars. Also we apparently couldn't wait to buy them (though no one wants to be dealing with a rental or lots of ubering because you don't already have your new one - I have a 30 mile commute and a toddler to shuttle to daycare. Public transportation is not a viable option - would be faster for me to walk her the 3 miles to daycare). We didn't actually get new cars, we got new-to-us cars. Both are used 2014 BMW X1s; this time my husband copied me! We apparently like to make a habit of getting matching cars (going on 4 years now). I think that makes us uber dorks.

Just 4 more weeks to go as a quadruple car owner.


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