Outdoor Movie Time?

Sometimes when I see these pictures I lament the awful dead, weedy state of my yard and feel general envy towards the owners of such a set up. How lucky they must be!

 (photo credit: Apartment Therapy)

But then I realize, that unless you live on some other planet devoid of life, or your grass is fake plastic turf, you will have bugs crawling all over you. Popcorn with some buttered ants. Maybe a spider crawling on you, just for kicks. A mosquito having a cocktail from your leg.

Or realize, as you’re sitting there, that you’ve failed to collect every yard deposit from your canine companions and you and your light tan cloth pillows are sitting on poop.

And then once this blessed movie is over, you have to collect all this crap that you’ve strewn about and PUT IT ALL AWAY.

Screw this idyllic outdoor movie time. The couch is fine, thanks.


  1. LMAO! At this point I just want a real yard. But trust when I have one it will not include this little theater set up. There is no way I could pull it off!


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