Because Igor Called Me Out

Igor has rightly chastised me for not providing details in my last post. I was in such a rush to post something of substance other than complaining about the rain, that I left out large chunks of the actual substance.

Ok, the TV:


We found an almost appallingly good deal at Fry’s where the HZ asked me probably twice if I had written down the right price on my little scrap of paper when we got home and started internet researching. It was $1099. Amazon is selling it for $1558. Some other no-name  internet place is selling it for $1349 today.

The car. This was a rather impulsive choice. When I got the RAV it took me weeks of analysis. I had thought I wanted another RAV4 but was bummed that at some point in the last 7 years, they dropped the manual transmission option. Then I looked at a Prius because it is a thrifty gas option, and then finally a Civic because you can’t go wrong with Honda, 0.9% for 2010 models, 35+ mpg, and $15-17K. After reading a review of the Civic on Edmunds, it said the Mazda 3 was much more fun to drive. Cut to nostalgic reminiscing of my Electric Blue 2003 Mini Cooper S. Which led me to the Mazda 3 hatchback.


(Not my actual car – seriously, if I had money to buy those nice garage doors would I actually be buying a Mazda 3? Probably not. I did get that color, the silver.)

I sure am a sucker for a hatchback. Especially one with 6-speed manual transmission. And that is where I landed, a 2011 Mazda 3 5-door hatchback. I got a reasonable price – lower than the Edmunds “true market value” and I also squeezed $5K out of my RAV after they first offered me $4500 for it. I might have been able to negotiate a bit more but I guess I’ll never know and at least I didn’t have to get all pissy with an otherwise reasonable car salesman. As we know, some car salesmen are f**knuts and insist on talking “payments” rather than real numbers, but this guy talked numbers which made the process less annoying and faster.


  1. Cool stuff. Now thanks to TruMotion 240Hz technology you can watch the Patriots with virtually no motion blur. And not just because they can't run worth shit :P
    Mazda's nice. Liked it since early 90s (Then known as 323. Also liked their full-sized, 929). They went through a rough patch in quality in early 00s, but did a total revamp and now should be as good as ever. And silver is, of course, the best color ;)

    P.S. Like the running bling. That's pretty awesome. Tried to recall the last time I placed in something. Inter school ancient history competition when I was 12. Is that sad? Sounds sad...


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