Some Holiday Complaining Not Really Related to the Actual Holidays

How's it hangin', good folks of the internet-web? I am currently cursing my overzealous pre-bedtime stretching with cold muscles. If you haven't yet figured out, I'm the type of person that if she's going to do something, it's going to be 153% of where it really should me. I woke up at 4am with my legs, particularly my IT bands, screaming bloody murder. I should know better. Stretching cold is not the greatest idea, nevermind foam rolling your IT bands cold. My shins aren't too happy either but that I expect since I'm prone to shin splints with my Fred Flintstone feet. Can't I just train for this daggone half-marathon without feeling like I am falling apart?


I have a "tempo" run scheduled for this evening (where you run easy for 10-15 minutes, gradually build up to 10K pace for 10-20 minutes, and then cool down with an easy pace 10-ish minutes) and you are probably thinking that I should take a rest and not run. I'll probably make that decision tonight. I'm feeling much better now after taking ibuprofen and spending an hour on the couch at 6:15am icing my legs. It's really no fun icing when the house is like 62 degrees. Should I decide to run this evening you may hear screaming around 7:45pm Pacific time when I immerse the lower-half of my body in an ice-bath to nip any of this inflammation business in the bud. Sounds fun right? Right?? God. Why.

All in the name of breaking 2 hours for this half-marathon is why. Stupid goal-driven, type A personality.

Anyway, I've noticed that blogland has gotten less chatty in the last couple weeks. No doubt because everyone is out dealing with presents, holidays parties, etc, etc. This is the first year I don't have a single Christmas party to attend. Kind of sad in a way, but my company saves money by having the holiday party in January. It's strange, no doubt, I've never heard any company having the holiday party after the new year, but I'm all for being thrifty and I'd rather have a kick-ass party in January than a mediocre, lukewarm party in December.

And also, since this post is mostly my complaining and such, can we talk about how I'm 6 months from 32 years old and still have acne as bad if not worse than when I was a teenager? I hardly ever wear makeup and I've had to the last two days because my chin has a cyst that can be seen from space. This morning while I was icing the lower half of my body, I was also applying a warm compress to my chin at the same time. Nice. Maybe I will only be free of this acne business when I hit the Great Change. Twenty more years of acne. All I can say is I am so looking forward to 11 days off; sure two of the days we don't get paid because the company is technically "shut down" (unless we want to use vacation for the furloughed days), but it's just going to be nice not to have to commute to work, think about work, etc, etc. I can just caulk and paint baseboard to my heart's content.


  1. my husband's company also has the holiday party in January. i thought it was weird, but it is kind of nice not having one more thing to cram in during December.

    Good luck with your tempo run - I would tell you to rest, but if you're anything like me, you would run anyways ;)

  2. We had a company party in January one year. The best part was my dress was on clearance.

    Sorry about your bod. It does seem the more we as thirty something women exercise the worse we feel. Not energy wise but sore and achey and unable to turn our neck fully.

  3. aw, that stinks. i've been icing an ankle the size of a bowling ball so i feel your pain.


  4. I know I'm a day(s) late and a dollar short here...but let me say this -

    I'm part of the quiet blogland party. Sorry about that.

    We don't get a holiday party in Dec OR Jan...or any other month for that matter. They just cut it out completely.

    I never had acne as a teenager, but now that baby 2 came and went, I've had it. Consistently had it for 2+ years now. It's ridiculous. Finally went and saw a dermo and they just casually waved it off as "adult onset acne" and gave me some meds that did not fix the issue. Now that I'm knocked up, I won't be using any meds until I'm NOT knocked up. Lovely.

    I wish you luck with the icing and such. I'm jealous you get to run, but not that's too cold here to get me out anyhow.


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