One Hour and Fourty Seven Minutes

That is how long my commute was this morning. Yes, 1 hours plus another 47 minutes. When it rains in Southern California, you can expect your commute to double or triple. Meanwhile, for the last 47 minutes, I had to pee. In bumper to bumper traffic. In the rain. By the time I got to work, I was ready to strangle someone. Anyone. We need rain, of course, everyone knows California needs water/rain, but at this price? Holy Jesus, it was my worst commute day ever, in 10 years including the 4 years I drove to downtown Los Angeles on the 110 freeway. Got on the road on 8:11am, arrived 9:48am. How many miles? 32.5. Average of 18 miles per hour. Enough to drive you certifiably nuts. And guess what? In about 2 hours, I have to repeat it and it's unlikely to be much better given that the morning commute is 90% of the time better than the evening commute.

I may need a crown on several molars one I get home from the tooth grinding. I will probably be drinking at least two pints from the 'ol kegerator when I get home to unwind. And ice on my knee from having to drive stick shift in parking lot traffic for nearly 2 hours.


  1. While this made me giggle immensely...I'm sorry it happened to you. I hope your day improved.

  2. High-five.

    Mine was similar this morning. And it always freaking rains here! So why does traffic have to crawl in moisture? Why!!!!!

    I can't believe you have a stick! You are crazy!

    And I already had my glass of wine! Did I beat you to it?

  3. Two hours?! That's crazy enough to make me call in sick for work!

  4. I hate driving in the rain when I visit CA. It really is awful, sorry it made your commute suck!


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