Never A Dull Moment With Craigslist

I'm selling my guitar on Craiglist, the little guy, because I recently bought a larger one and can't really afford to keep both. I moved up from the 3/4 size just so I can start to play a real-sized guitar, rather than a travel/child's size guitar. I would keep it but I'd rather offset the new guitar cost with selling the old one at this point.

Anyway, so I listed it and I get the usual flake (dude who apparently didn't understand that it's called "baby" because it's a smaller guitar), one legitimate dude that is coming to see it today at lunch, and then one last night at 1:30am. Well, two emails within 10 minutes of each other from the same person. The name signed in the email was not the name on the email address, which was interesting. In the first one she says she wished I had put my number down because she would have called me to get it right away. Called me at 1:24am? Really? I would have been pretty irked. Another good reason not to list my number on the ad. And the second email was another "I'm really interested, call me at this number." I caught the drift that she was interested in the first email.

All seeming a little strange to me, I took her number and stuck it in Google. A whole slew of weirdness popped up, mostly hits indicating that she is -- this is good one -- a hooker. Swedish massage, escort, and what-not. Seriously. Now, it's not to say that prostitutes don't want to play the guitar. She may legitimately want to buy my guitar and not sell me sexual favors, but I'm thinking I'm not responding to this person. I mean, I'm all for non-discrimination based on one's "occupation" but I'd rather not have my address, email, and/or phone number in the hands of what appears to be a prostitute. Right?

I hope that guy buys the guitar today so I can just be done with this already. When did Craigslist get so skeevy?


  1. Oh my gosh. This is terrible, but also a little hilarious. :) Sorry you had to deal with that. And thanks so much for your prayers and support yesterday!

  2. I recently sold some stuff on there and met some very, very odd people. But then, I met some very, very odd people ordering coffee today so...


  3. She's probably working on her new compilation "Lesbian Lullabys"....*snort* And no...I'm not anti-lesbian. Sell her the guitar if she wants to buy it and meet somewhere safe or meet up with your husband or something.

  4. Craigs list got skeevy when killers started using it.

    I don't do ebay, CL, or anything else that might hook me up with strangers. Except blogging. Because's more self-absorbed. :)


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