Temporary Wrinkle

I say temporary because we just have to get through these two weeks. I gave my notice on Friday which sucked as giving notice usually does. Now, my contract position was actually paid by a another company (a large news company), since they have a stake in tech company I was working for. It was sort of an interesting arrangement because the start-up didn't have the money to hire anymore full-time people but needed to get work done so this investor company footed the bill. Well, found out on Sunday, to the surprise of everyone, really, that this big new company has a policy that when contractors give notice, they are done that day. Booo! I was pissed - the team has considerable work to do in this next 2 week development phase but, apparently, the investing company doesn't give a shit. I swear, you try to do the right thing and give two week notice but it doesn't matter. This is yet another reason I have little loyalty to a company. And by loyalty, I mean that I'll do what it takes to get my job done well (I do take pride in my work), but you won't see me working on weekends just to get ahead or impress people. Perhaps sometimes it buys you something, perhaps if you bust your ass continuously a company may finally notice upi and promote you or give you more money. But, the vast majority of the time, when the shit hits the fan, you're going to get laid off, or your salary gets cut, or whatever. As long as I get a good salary, am comfortable, I have my health and my family, that's enough. I've been done breaking my ass ever since I spent 4 years unofficially leading an important software project for a director that only promoted his incompetent buddies and a company merit increase where you were to be downright ecstatic with 5% (because everyone else was getting 3%).

So yeah, involutary vacation for me. Involuntary vacations suck. We'll have to use some savings to get through this month unless California EDD decides to finally come through with the missing 5 weeks of unemployment checks.

My mother mentioned on Sunday that she wanted to paint her condo so now she is stuck with me. I told her yesterday I would come do it for her and then she started whining about how she doesn't want to do it right now and it'll make a mess, blah blah blah. Seriously? She was going to pay someone. That is like $500-800 for all the rooms and I am telling her I'll come do it and she is whining about the mess? What mess, it's not like we're re-drywalling or sanding. I had to downright beg her to let me do it so I can feel like I'm doing something useful. I don't have to look for a job, I can't spend any money, so I'm left with pulling weeds in my yard or painting my mother's condo. I don't know about your but I'd much rather paint than pull weeds any day of the week.


  1. I suppose I'd choose the painting, but I think I'd rather choose tv. :) Involuntary, but better stuff is yet to come. Enjoy the two weeks...you really need to!

  2. Yes...enjoy the two weeks...at least you know you have employment waiting at the other end.

    Rent some movies from the Redbox.

    I think moms like to hire people so they can get mad at someone if it doesn't turn out the way the want it to. I guess.

  3. Sucks that they won't take your two weeks and let you work. If I knew that ahead of time I wouldn't tell them. I am slowly getting to a place where I'm ready to do away with all the nicey nice things you're meant to do (manners?) regarding jobs. I count myself lucky to have a job but then again the day they don't need me they'll give me no notice at all. I'm over all of it really. It's a big "dog eat dog" world out there.

    If your mother insists now is not the time to paint...feel free to take a trip to Florida and you can paint anything and everything you're little heart desires in my house. :-)


  4. Girl, you are marketable! Take a fun trip with your husband. Drive that new car somewhere and let your hair down. Enough stress! You've got a great new job to come back to, money in the bank. You're young, you have your health...

    Turn this free time into something memorable!

  5. Painting over weeds, for sure. I'm really sorry that all this is happening. So many people are holding their breath with lay-offs hanging overhead. Where I work, we've all been told on no uncertain terms that raises are a thing of the past for a long, long time. But I'm grateful there arent pink slips flying around, yet.

    Anyway, good luck on your involuntary vacation. Good things will come your way very soon! And until they do, do what I do; introduce yourself to two very special men named Ben and Jerry. :)


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