Mucocele with T-minus One Day

As if the 18 million zits (I exaggerate, but I have no less than three painful, under-the-skin buggers which must be a new record) on my face don't add a level of complication to my life the day before I start my new job (which means I will have to wear the dreaded makeup), I woke up this morning with a mucocele. Yes, I self-diagnosed. Basically, I woke up with a fat lip. Nice. Smashing! Girly Stuff is probably knows exactly what's doing here - seems like most of the sites I am reading about it are dental in nature. Mucoceles are mostly harmless. I'm sort of hoping it'll just be gone by tomorrow morning but they really don't follow a defined course. Some stick around for a long time and get hard. Others just spontaneously disappear. I'm hoping that my mouth will be spontaneous. With the mucocele - get your heads out of the gutter.

Anyway, I'm sure I brought this on myself. I think I have been stressed lately (rather, I know I have been stressed) and I've noticed I'm clenching my jaw entirely too much and sometimes even chewing the inside of my lip. So, likely, the lip chewing has resulted in this swelling. Even though I didn't chew it the last two days. If it can just not grow any larger and slowly disappear, I'll be ok with it. It's no so big that it's immediately noticeable. But if it gets any larger, then I'm going to start looking weird (as opposed to already being weird, I'll have the face to match). I have been trying warm compresses but I don't think that'll do anything based on my research. I've taken an Emergen-C vitamin thing, echinacea, and zinc (anti-inflammatory) already this morning. The next route may be applying milk with turmeric powder. And warm saline rinses. And mayge going out and buying silicea. Stupid mucocele.

In other news, we bought the tile yesterday. We finally started receiving the Husband's unemployment checks. Finally. Plus, my mother *insisted* on paying me for painting her place. I honestly didn't want any money, except maybe for gas since it's a 60 mile haul out there (120 miles round trip), but she said she would feel sick if she didn't pay me. So I obliged. With my the painting money and 5 weeks of unemployment checks, I felt we could manage to buy the tile. It worked out to around $950 with delivery and taxes for 710 square feet of saltillo. The Husband will begin the tile hosing down process and then sealing - we have to wash them down and seal them before I can install. Saltillo is a whole lot of pain-in-the-ass to install but I love the look and they're only $1.12 per square foot. They arrive sometime tomorrow afternoon so perhaps I can start laying tile next week.

Please pray for my mucocele. Ha! Of course, I am kidding. Sort of.


  1. Sounds like you should look into a new career!

    Try things to reduce swelling like Ibuprofen.

    Can't wait to see the tile. I was starting to worry that you would have to spread hamster bedding down soon! Like Kirstie Alley did in her sunroom.

  2. I hope the mucocele goes away soon! I can't wait to see the tile!

  3. Good luck on the start of the new job. (I know nothing about mucocele...but I know all about those painful zits! And the fun part is keeping your hands off your face.)

  4. I will be thinking about your lip and about your new job. I really hope things go well! :) STOP stressing. Ain't nothin' gonna change...that's what I tell myself when I stress too much.

  5. Seriously, I like you unemployed because you blog more!!! Hope the new job is going great!

  6. I hope by now the mucocele is gone!

    You disappear into workland like Alice everytime!!


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