Wondering Why I'm Being Presented With This

Now, really, I am not sure I am someone who thinks that everything little thing happens for some specific reason planned out by a higher power. I do think that some or many things are just random. Like Forest Gump said about destiny and floating around accidental-like on a breeze both working together. But I just think this latest thing is weird and not accidental-like.

Back in February when I got laid off, I spent about 2-3 days applying to jobs before I found the current contract job. I think my total submittals were maybe 20 or so. Anyway, this was more than two months ago. Yesterday, I get a an email and several phone calls about one of the resumes I submitted -- apparently this company is very interested in my background. Two and a half months later. Which is a damn long time to hold onto a resume for a position months ago. The company is in a healthy industry, quite literally. It's also an industry where I have 4 years of job experience working on technologies I just used in my last job. It's a step up in title, has great benefits (um, yoga classes? in-house gym?), etc, etc, etc.

I am tentatively pursuing it - I have a phone interview this afternoon that appears to be technical. I, again, feel like a horrible traitor. But I just feel like this is not a floating on the breeze deal. We have no benefits anymore, aside from COBRA which is only really affordable for the next 9 months. No more 401k, no more employer-paid life insurance (which means no life insurance), not paying into the unemployment insurance system. Nada. The Husband's job prospects are "eh". There isn't much out there for him. It's almost like Someone or Something looked at our situation and figured it was easier/doable to fix my job situation than try to fabricate a construction job in this acerbic economy. Maybe I'm just reading into this crap too much, but the timing of it is just.... weird.


  1. Well, you know what I think. But I'll say it anyways...God has got your back Chacha!

    The best thing I ever did was eliminate the word coincidence from my life.

    And you have had some prayer support down here in Houston!

    I hope it is as good as it sounds!

  2. Sounds like a blessing! They have to understand that you're looking out for what is best for your family. With all the aging baby boomers, health care is not going into decline!

  3. Never underestimate the power of timing. For whatever reasons....the timing of situations make us "think" and "thank". :) I hope that whatever you choose works out best for you!

  4. you definitely have to pursue this opportunity!


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