I swear, this year is really jerking my chain. So my car has been taking longer and longer to start, generally once it's been parked for more then 4-6 hours. I figured it was the battery and was thinking I'd get to it when I changed my oil the next time. Well, the length of time to start the engine was long enough yesterday to prompt me to open the hood of my car and have a look around. We pulled the oil stick out to check if that was fine. It was. But as we replaced the oil stick I noticed that insulation around some wires was missing and one wire was completely severed.

That's right, folks. The vermin have struck again. Little bastards have done around $200 of damage. Not sure if the chewed wires have anything to do with my battery not holding a charge well anymore. If it is related, then the mice (or rats, or squirrel, etc) have done $300 of damage. That's like a third of the saltillo tile I need for my floor.

If you have any extra cayenne pepper, send it my way. I'll be using it to "season" my engine (apparently rodents hate the stuff).


  1. My almost 10 year old car refused to start Saturday. Just out of the blue. No problems and then bam it's dead. I got a new battery and life is well. Luckily, a cheap and easy fix. Sorry yours is not so simple. And sorry to hear about your hubs layoff. Man, that sucks.

  2. I wonder if this is the same rodent that wreaked havoc on you last year in your house? Or did you catch that one?

    Hope it is just the battery.


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