So I got paid...

...though the check didn't get into my hands until 4:30pm on Friday. It looks like I may get to retire my laptop back to personal use soon, since now that they finally have money, they can afford to buy one for me. This'll be better for the Husband so he can use our laptop for his job search rather than be relegated to the Mac in the office.

The market certainly is different for his industry. No industry is going well right now, but there are certainly varying degrees of shittiness. I'd say construction is probably up there in the with financial in the shit-tastic scale. There certainly are jobs posted, but I would imagine those jobs are getting bombarded with resumes and Lord help the people who have to sort through them. Hopefully his resume will grab someone's attention - I tried to help him snazzify it as much as possible.

The thing that is irking me about this whole business (well, other than the fact that our income has been reduced by 40%+) is the floor. We have a good stash of cash and it wouldn't be the hugest risk to take 1.5K and buy the material, but my sensible, penny-pinching side is telling me not to do it. But it's depressing to think I could be living on a concrete slab for an unforseen stretch of time. I have been thinking that perhaps if I go with Saltillo, which is cheap (like $1.20 square foot - plus probably like .30-50 cents to seal - the other stuff we were going to buy is like $3.75 or something, I can't remember) that maybe I could go ahead and do it. I suppose I will wait it out for a month or so and see how we do with living on my paycheck alone (plus, unemployment) and if the Husband gets any leads. Even if things got really bad and we had to short sell the house, we'd still need to somehow finish the floor. Blah. This economy is a real stinker.

I broke the news to me worry-wart mother in Italy on Sunday. Oddly enough, my parents seemed more concerned than when I got laid off. To me, both situations were equally severe. Arguably, mine had, potentially, a more detrimental effect to our finances as I make about 25% more, yet they seemed to be more shaken by The Husband losing his job. Perhaps it was more of a shock -- being the hypersensitive person that I am, I had felt like a layoff was on the horizon since October/November of last year and prepped them for it but mentioning it several (several being 10+) imes. The Husband had no inkling of it which made it more of a sucker-punch (nevermind he had been with the company for nearly 5 years).

Anyway, on the lighter side, the last of the kitchen molding was installed last weekend and I'm finishing up installing the IKEA organizational bar thingies I bought a while back, so pictures will be forthcoming.


  1. You sound better today. I understand the floor dilemma. I had a slightly similar situation regarding some other stuff and it has felt good to wait. You can always throw down some sawdust if you have to...right? :)

    Sounds like your company is safe for a while longer if you get a new laptop.

    Glass half full chacha...hang in there.

  2. Glad the money came through on Friday!

    You said the husband was more shocked than you were, so I hope he's able to keep his spirits up during the job search.

    The floor issue is a tough one. Can you stain the existing concrete on the cheap?

  3. I feel your pain. My husband sells real estate and I paint for builders. Both in the gutter. I am working more instead of my girls doing it all and my husband just took a "real job" on the side. Ya just do what you gotta do. This too shall pass. Keep your chin up. Getting laid off stinks.


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