At This Point, Who Gives a Flying Ferk?

Yeah, about that Wineglass Marathon thing. So, I’ll keep it short-ish.

  1. Shin problem was a non-issue.
  2. The race is awesome – I highly recommend it. Well run, plenty of porta-johns, excellent swag, great race support, small (under 2000 people in the marathon), ridiculous food spread at the end, free showers at the Y for runners, easy course. I will do it again, for sure.
  3. While 5 weeks of taper from a 20 miler seemed to work ok for Carlsbad, 8 weeks? Not so much. And only 18 miles with a two week taper? Also not sufficient. And I don’t think the 6 days off did anything for the shin.
  4. So, even though miles 21-26 were awful thanks to point #2, I learned that I can, for sure, run an 3:40 with proper training.

The first 20 went like this – I crossed the half way point around 1:50:xx:

8:28, 8:18, 8:29, 8:27, 8:30, 8:31, 8:12, 8:19, 8:19, 8:19, 8:26, 8:26, 8:27, 8:22, 8:25, 8:34, 8:23, 8:24, 8:26, 8:32.

Around mile 20, I knew that the wall was coming. Not surprisingly, with 18 miles being the most I ran, and only once, this makes complete sense.

From 21-26, I watched my 8:25 pace go down the shitter. My legs were completely fried.

Last 6:

8:40, 9:16, 8:46, 9:33, 10:32 (I was hating life here at mile 25), 9:07, 2:41 (last .35).

I salvaged the PR, just barely. Official chip time 3:46:45.

Once I finished, I was the achiest ever. I thought after RnR New Orleans, it was bad. This was twice as bad. I was scared to sit down for fear I would not be able to get back up. But then, staying upright was hard, so, I was in a catch-22. I hobbled around for like 10 minutes until I found the bag pick up, sat my ass down on a curb and waited for the Husband.

While I am kind of bummed out with the last 6 miles, it wasn’t exactly a surprising outcome. The one takeaway that left me hopeful was that I maintained that 8:25 quite easily. It felt no harder than when I was running the first 20 miles of Carlsbad and New Orleans. I know the wall came because I didn’t have recent long runs under my belt.

Anyway, a while back I registered for Lake Hodges 50K at the end of this month. Let’s  hope this 90+ degree heat wave doesn’t come back next week. And at least I got 26.2 miles in 4 weeks before, and 15 miles this past Sunday, so I am reasonably prepared – probably more so than for Wineglass!


  1. Not to shabby my friend...sounds like a great race too!

  2. I'm hoping the heat is over. I think it is. Maybe. Hopefully.

    Imagine the PR you'll have when you're trained and ready, man.

  3. Great PR, I cant believe you managed that on so little training, and so soon after your ultra! Definitely 3:40 is yours for the taking next time around. Are you running Carlsbad again this year?

  4. I've heard really great things about that race.

    Man. You are so fast!!!!

  5. Congrats! You have some strong legs!!

    Good luck at Lake Hodges. I wanted to run that race - not the 50K but one of the shorter ones - but I'll be out of town that weekend. Would be awesome to catch up at a race sometime! :) Kristen

  6. Yes, heat wave be gone. You will go sub 3:40. You for sure have it in you. Nice PR my friend and score on the free shower!!

  7. really hoping summer is over!! it's been ridiculous! :(

    CONGRATS again on your new PR! 3:40 is a great goal & I know you'll do it!

    good luck on your up-coming 50k! I think it's great that you're running ultras now. very inspiring! :)

  8. awesome PR!! congrats!! Have fun at lake hodges. I ran a half marathon there last year and it was so hard! I'm a flat road runner kind of wimp :)

  9. Glad the shin is not an issue anymore! And, I agree that you will definitely be able to pull off some great times in the near future. Congrats on pulling out a PR while/after fighting an injury!


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