Gently Used Tiger Tail Giveaway & Pro Compression Promo

Stop the Presses! I am not posting some kind of race recap! I know.

Work has swallowed me up. My Google Reader looks like the I-don’t-have-an-appointment-line at a California DMV. So hopelessly long, you think you might say “eff it” and come back another time. In this case the “Eff it” = “Mark all as Read” and start over.

So, I have been chugging along with my made up training plan to Not Die in the Harding Hustle 50K on the 7th. Which most recently involved a slow 24 miles on Sunday, in sunny, dry 70s. Consumed nearly 70 ounces of slightly diluted banana nuun. With no trips to the rest room other than at mile 4 when I hadn’t yet sweat or drank much. So that tells you how much sweating and evaporating was going on. I usually drink around 28 ounces for 20 miles when its not warm and dry out. But I am finally into the taper so no more ridiculously long runs until “race” day (race in quotes because I will in no way be actually racing. Just “racing” to make the cutoffs).

Tiger Tail Massage Stick

Anyway, so, yeah, I am giving away my Tiger Tail massage stick. I recently got The Stick which suits my needs better than the Tiger Tail, which is a good product, but isn’t working for me. I got the least flexible stick because I am one of those people that needs massages to be mostly painful. The Tiger Tail is a bit to gentle for my taste.


This giveaway is entirely out of my own pocket, i.e. product, shipping, etc. It is gently used, so, it isn’t new. But it’s practically new other than some dust. If you want to win this thing, leave a comment on this post.

If you follow me on twitter (@lil_yogini), let me know in your comment and you’ll get an extra entry (look at me, being all blogger-ish). I’ll accept entries through July 1st, 11:59pm, and compile the list into a numbered spreadsheet, and use a random number generator to draw it. Shipping will be whatever is the cheapest option for me (since it’s my moola). Good only for addresses in the United States (50 states, sorry Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico – this blog makes zero dollars, so, gotta keep my shipping cost down).


The folks at ProCompression have come up with yet another awesome color of socks. I dig orange.

Marathon Orange - PRO Compression - Google Chrome 6262012 74109 PM.bmp


They are offering 40% off on this sock with free shipping through July 10, 2012 using the code SOM610.

At $30, they are an excellent value. For races, I use either ProCompression or CEP (and I own 2 other brands of socks). The others options are not as good, fit-wise, compression-wise, and style-wise.

In the interest of full-disclosure, I was offered a free pair of socks to promote their newest color release. However, I must also note that I am BS-averse and prone to brutal foot-in-mouth honesty. So I’m not just sayin’ it. It’s a good sock for $30. The full CEP socks retail for nearly $60 and rarely discounted more than 10-20%.

Ultra-marathon in less than two weeks. Eeeekkkkk!


  1. I've always wanted to try the Tiger Tail. I foam roll religiously but never really thought about the Stick or Tiger Tail until recently.

    Love the orange compression socks!!

  2. I haven't foam rolled or really barley stretch, so this could be a good option...the orange is bold. I'd like another orange my color? Newer reader, but I enjoy your posts:-)

  3. Chacha, do you foam roll as well as use the stick?

    Good luck with the ultra - you're gunna rock it!! :)

    1. I use the foam roller for upper leg (IT band, piriformis, hamstring) and the stick for lower leg (calf, achilles, front shin muscle - whatever that is called). The big foam roller is kinda hard to use on the lower leg.

  4. Id love to try out the Tiger Tail!

  5. I've been meaning to get a stick forever, and I'm sure the tiger tail will be just as good!

  6. Pick Me! Please! Have been reading your blog for a while, but don't have one started myself. Maybe someday...Veronica @

  7. Awesome!!! Love the new orange pro compressions and i would love to win the tiger stick!!! Ao far inonly have a foam roller so I'd love to try it!!! Thanks for a great giveaway/)

  8. I am so excited about those orange socks!

    Definitely in for this giveaway. This would be a step up from the hard wooden rolling pin that I am currently using. And I follow you on twitter.

    So what does an ultra taper look like?

  9. I would love to try the tiger stick. And being from East TN (Go VOLS!!), LOVE the orange compression socks!

  10. the tiger tail is cool! that might be perfect for my calves.

    and orange is my favorite color! (too bad there are no race kits in orange.)

  11. Always wanted to try the Tiger Tail!!

  12. Hello from a former five-foot-tall runner (and lurker :)


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