This Wednesday Is Sucking

You guys. I am so pissed off right now. To the point where I can’t even focus on tasks.

Last week, I miraculously got a phone call from our mortgage holder that we would be able to refinance at 4.5% under a new government program for underwater, responsible homeowners which is awesome. If you’ve been reading a while, I’ve been through all kinds of ridiculous calculations trying to figure out a way to refinance down from 5.75%.

They ran our credit and, again, mine was significantly lower than The Husband’s. I did not understand this and so the broker started looking through the report and saw that the BULLSHIT collections account (if you care to read the full bullshit story) that I got removed through Equifax 2 years ago is still being reported by TransUnion and Experian.

I have been mad since 10am. I even ran a brisk 3 miles on the treadmill (26:15 – fast because I felt it would help calm me down) to shake the anger which resulted in maybe 20% improvement of overall pissed-off-edness. Did not remove my general crotchety feeling.

Supposedly, this won’t affect the loan because my middle score is above 720 (I have 800+ on Equifax, but under 700 on Experian. FRGSKIGLKUYIRLSKGUEHL!). But I have to write a F*&CKING letter explaining the bogus collections account. [shaking head]

Why is it that with credit reporting, it’s “guilty until proven innocent”?!


  1. That last question is very, very good! Let me know when you have the answer. This makes me want to check out my credit scores. I haven't in a very long time. Oops. I know, I know. I just hate finances. I hate hate hate them. I am on track for the Dave Ramsey effect - cash only, no debt, so no credit needed!


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