I Hate Thinking of Titles

I have a case of I don't know what to blog about and I'm too lazy to take pictures and upload them.

I blame it on having a crappy phone (January will be 3 years with the same phone) that takes crappy pictures as my barrier of entry into actually writing a post. Since I feel the need to have pics with posts.

So here I am with a photo-less post. Whatever.

I have made no progress on my chair and it's a long story as to why, but the short of it is that my dogs got into a crazy tangle of collars (because they love to grab each other's collars while rough-housing outside) resulting in Nikki getting dragged around by her jaw/lower teeth yelping/screaming while Louie got choked. With my hand in her mouth to try to free them, she, one some point in the chaos, bit down on my thumb. So I've had a puncture wound in the center of my right thumb since Labor Day that just healed in the last couple days. I got a tetanus shot (it had been 16 years, so I thought it was a good idea) and I was stupid enough to say how I got the cut at urgent care. Then they *had* to report it, and she got quarantined by the SPCA until today, etc. It's been "fun."

Word of wisdom to dog owners: if you have a minor accidental bite (mine was 4mm - that small, not even half a centimeter - only needed a band-aid), don't ever say it was your dog. Just say it was a nail or something, or some random, nameless, ownerless dog and you need a tetanus shot. Really.

What irks me about all this is she really did not bite me - she was reacting to the pain of getting ripped around by the jaw as Louie jumped around from getting choked, all with my hand in her mouth trying to undo the twist that had her jaw, and hold them both still. I am surprised I escaped with such a small thing. Yet, she has a "record" now. I am so annoyed with myself for being so naive and telling the stupid truth.

Ok, so that was probably not the short version. Can you tell I'm still annoyed? Annoyed. This type of overreaction from animal control just causes people to not report the big stuff when they should. And you know I am totally on that bandwagon now. I would have to be bitten by a random rabid dog roaming the streets and require stitches to admit it to any authority that the wound was in fact, caused by a canine.

On the running front, I have decided to do the Camarillo Half as a training run for the Long Beach Half. I know that's weird and sort of minimizes the importance of the race day, doing a half as training for another half. But I have to do 13 miles that weekend anyway, and it's a cheap-ish race, so I figured why not acquire more race bling and then take a little side trip to Santa Barbara. I plan to test out a strategy of starting out the first half in the low 9's and seeing if I can finish the second half faster than the first. I am on a roll of personal training records the past few weeks - my last two long runs were 10 miles at 8:59 and 11 miles at 8:56. My last 10 mile attempt in January was a 10:21 pace. Honestly, I will be kinda bummed if I don't break 2 hours (9:09 pace) even if it's just a training race.

The other thing that has me obsessed as of late is crocheting. I got craft envy over this afghan/throw and remembered that I can totally crochet and used to do it all the time. I was an 8-year-old crocheting fool. At the moment, I am maybe 20% through a big throw since I totally over-chained my first row. It's like 6+ feet long so while I was thinking that would be the width part, now it's going to be length-wise. Otherwise I will go broke buying Super Saver Red Heart yarn if I don't flip it around. It'll be a king-sized afghan which is overkill, to the max. Accents of Granny? Good. King-sized granny afghan? A little much. At least when I'm sitting in front of the TV with Huz I will be doing something productive rather than feeling slovenly.


  1. That dog bite thing is ridiculous. Seriously.


  2. I came across your blog randomly but I have to agree with the dog bite thing... DO NOT tell them it was your dog in the case of a minor bite/scratch. I had the same situation with my cat. She was really spooked by something one night and nipped my hand... well, it got infected and I had to go to the ER... Long story short, she also has a "record" now and the Health Dept made a home visit and wanted to have her PUT DOWN!! I'll never again tell them that she bit me. I'm not losing my pet over some minor thing like that. Anyway, just my 2 cents worth!

  3. I don't have any pets, but I know one thing when it comes to cops, whether it be people related cops or animal cops. DON'T EVER TELL THEM THE WHOLE TRUTH.

    They suck.

    Just sayin'.

    I really don't like them. At all.

    I am totally jealous of your running and training. I can't wait to be at a point where I get to report what I'm doing as well. :) Next June! Maybe a month sooner, we'll see.

  4. Poppin' in from Tooje's blog! I saw something about running and had to stop by!

    I'm training for a half that's on Oct. 30. I REALLY want to break the 2 hr mark (My fastest half was 2:07). Heck, ultimately I would LOVE to get down to 8 min miles, but haven't been able to get lower than an 8:30 on any of my runs so far. Hopefully five more training weeks will do the trick!

    Good luck to you..with running and the dogs ;)


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