I Swear I Didn't Buy It!


I have a new antique fan in my collection to help fuel my obsession, courtesy of my husband's aunt and uncle. They visited last month after helping their daughter move to Washington state. With 4 fans littering the house they clearly saw I had an affinity for the buggers. They pulled this little Polar Cub (which appears to oscillate but I think it needs some TLC) out of the attic of my husband's 92 year old grandmother (a very cool little old lady who still swims in her pool and takes hikes). I am not sure what year it's from but the blades are hunter green which leads me to believe it's from the 40s.


That was the only room downstairs without a fan aside from the bathroom so now all my bases are covered!

Also, after fighting with the compressor and staple gun, I started putting the chair back together. You would think the gun would just be a matter of hooking it up to the compressor and firing away, but, I managed to find the wrong way of loading the staples. Thank you, interwebs, for showing me how to properly load the damn thing. My compressor also had a very stuck regulator knob so that was fun - luckily the husband's hand strength is better than mine and he was able to un-stick it so I didn't fire staples at 120 psi when it needed to be 55-95 psi.


I got through only section of an arm. woo. hoo. I hope to make more progress this weekend - I think this part is the more annoying part (aside from the back and seat cusions). The front, sides, and back seem easier. I was a little freaked out, initially, like "OMG, what the crap did I get my self into?!" but I just rolled with it, started with one small piece and now I'm feeling less overwhelmed.

I think I'm going to treat the fabric (which is home decor weight not necessarily upholstery weight) with a fabric guard spray to help ward off stains. Anyone use a spray guard it before? Does it work well?


  1. We had furniture we purchased spray guarded. I suppose it worked....until child 3 entered the realm. Of course, that was close to the five year guarantee too, so....I suppose it served its purpose. I cannot wait to get a larger house where we need furniture for a family play room (see: kids room) and then new furniture for the everyday living space. I will get new couches!!!

  2. love the fan! i have used scotchguard brand fabric guard (available at target) for purses that I have bought and made out of fabric. i believe that our couches that we purchased were fabic guarded as well, but i'm not sure. either way, they seem to work!

  3. That fan is awesome! (And clearly from a time when you could chop your finger off by sticking it in so be careful if it's in use!)


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