Tax Credits...

Seem to be biting me in the ass. Anyone else's federal tax refund delayed from the original expected date? We were supposed to get ours last Friday. Now it's looking like maybe this Friday? I don't know. Last year it was pretty fast.

There is nothing worse than waiting for a delayed refund from the IRS. Along with my hypochondria, I also have the "immediately jump to worst case-scenario" disease where I imagine they are delaying it because they decided to audit me or something. I googled around about slow refunds for 2010, and it seems like maybe the energy credits or something are potentially triggering reviews and or delays. For sure the first-time home buyer credit is causing delay, but didn't have that; we had both an energy credit for a new patio door, the clean diesel vehicle credit, AND the new vehicle sales tax deduction. Top it off with a chunk of 1099 income I had when I was contracting. I can't help but think I have been flagged as "odd" or something, with all these non-mainstream items. I had 3 W-2's, unemployment, and 1099. Most complicated tax year yet (yes, we had a CPA handle it for us).

Anyone else e-file their taxes yet? Is it taking forever to get your refund? Our state refund was deposited in maybe 5 business days after it was filed (yay for California after last year's IOU fiasco). I've seen the federal refund take a while before, but the last time was maybe 5-7 years ago... Blurgh.

Oh, and some of you asked what the puppy ate and I don't know the answer. I am guessing it was a bug of some sort that bit him when he tried to eat it. Spider maybe. Also, the huzband did not get one of the jobs (the second round one). He is still waiting to hear about the other.


  1. we havnt filed, we always file an extension. I wish we would do them now , I hate waiting and putting it off. And I hope the puppy is ok now!! xoxo LA

  2. um, at least you get a credit. i never do. oh wells. i'd just spend it anyways.


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