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What. I couldn't think of a title so I just wrote the name of something sitting on my desk.


I think I am the last person under 35 in America that is still using a check register. I know. It's 2010 and why all the writing? I have to say, I just like the feeling of tracking my checking and savings accounts on paper. No idea why. The wackier thing is that I also track it on a spreadsheet in Google Docs. But that is more for forecasting a month ahead (I clear old the old data) - to see how much surplus there should be at the end of the month and how much I will likely squirrel away into the emergency fund. Which at this point, most of what I save is earmarked for property taxes, and car/home insurance, since finding "surplus" is kinda hard given the current "still no job for husband" situation.

(In case you were wondering, yes, he is still unemployed. Our county has 10.3% unemployment, which is slightly less suck-tastic than 12.1% state-wide, but still means that one might have more success hitting a slot machine jackpot in Vegas than finding a decent job).

Anybody else stuck in 1985 with her check registers? Or am I the only lo-hoo-hooser?

Oh, and happy Ground Hog Day! Thank God it is totally irrelevant for me now. I can't say I miss the cold one iota. Zero nostalgia for the weather of my home state of Massachusetts. (Mr. Blutarsky. ZERO... POINT... ZERO.)

This week is "taper" week for my half marathon. Taper as in, start running easier days with less mileage to rest up the legs. This also means the flippity flappety race is Sunday. In 5 days. I'm kind of freaking out internally, just a wee bit. Not a whole lot, but still. The thing I keep telling myself though is that if I don't break the 2 hours I will attempt again in April. By then I'll have only three toenails left.

On the puppy watch, I weighed him yesterday and he was 14 pounds. Yeah - he has gained almost 2 pounds in less than 2 weeks. Growing like athlete's foot in a humid August. Ew. (What. "Growing like a weed" is a $3 dollar phrase so I made up my own).


  1. I don't even know what a check register is.

  2. Well, as of last month, I'm in the over 35 scene. Ob-scene! But no check register for me since...ever.

    Good luck in your race this weekend.

  3. *hand raised*
    I'm still a user. Although, technically I haven't been since November when I just started an Excel spreadsheet. The only reason I put it on the spreadsheet is because I was too lazy to go get more registers from the bank. I'd prefer to put it on the paper, but whatever. It's still tracked and I plan on printing it for "audit" purposes. And I balance to the penny. I was beginning to think I'm the only one who does that anymore, either.

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