Dudes. Domino's Kind of Rocks

In case you are wondering, I ran my race Sunday, and, no, I did not break 2 hours for the half. I was on pace through 9.5 miles - around 9:03/mi - and I crashed. I had zero energy left. I got a crazy Achilles tendon cramp that ran all the way down the side of my foot. Like swearing while running cramping. This kind of thing has never happened to me - and I've run two marathons, so, it's not like I haven't been around the long-distance running block. I battled during the last 3 miles to salvage the race to just get some kind of PR. Which I sort of did - I ran it 2 minutes faster than any other half-marathon I've done (2:04:51). The reason I say "sort of" is that I ran the first half of the San Diego Rock 'n Roll Marathon in 2:02 back in 2003, so it's hard to say that 2:04:51 is really a "PR" when I ran faster in a daggone marathon (though I crashed HARD in that race. I ran the first half too fast and ended up at 4:30 - slower than my first marathon). Anyway, so, yeah, enough about the race - I'm queued up for another in April to attempt again.


Domino's is super cool. I used to HATE this pizza. Utter disdain. I'm Italian so I know from pizza. I also spent 4 years living in NYC so again, I know a good pie. And I'm not saying that Domino's is that good, because it isn't. But it's like 100% better than it used to be. And the website? Rocks. Freakin' sweet.

I got the whole $5.99 for two medium pizzas promo thing on my door recently, and I was intrigued by how they were owning up to their suckiness. I love that they are point-blank about the fact that they had freak-nasty 'za and telling us about how they changed it. So, because the half-marathon and the superbowl superceded our usual Sunday grocery shopping, the fridge and pantry are barren. Parsley and cilantro are not valid dinner options. So, we decided to give Domino's a try. We ordered the pizza online (I love it when I don't have to get on the damn phone and talk to a human). It is one of the slickest websites I've ever used. They have a Pizza Tracker. Like, "So-and-So is working on your orer, 7:12pm"; "So-and-So has put your order in the oven, 7:19pm", etc, etc. And it showed up like 10 minutes after they said it was out for delivery. It was like UPS package tracking on crack. And they built this software IN HOUSE! As a software developer, I was envious that I didn't get to work on a kick-ass project like that. I would be like "I built that, suckas!"

Alright, sorry to end so abruptly, but I gotta pay attention to DVR'd The Bachelor now. Yes, mindless drivel to follow cheap delivery pizza.


  1. Sorry you didn't hit your goal! I've been there too many times to count!! It always cheers me up to think about how I'd feel about running X:XX pace back when I first started and was running 3 miles at 12 min/mile.

  2. At least you ran the thing...that is much more than what most of us did this weekend!

    We like Dominoes and their website too! The five dollar deal is really hard to beat. I like it when it says "Jimmy is preparing your pizza."

    Funny...but when I read your blog post title, I thought you meant Dominoes the defunct decor magazine. I guess I'm not very hungry right now.

  3. I was also impressed with Domino's for owning up to their sub-par pizza.

    But, I don't think I could eat it!

  4. You made me laugh with your pizza commentary tonight. Pizza tracker, huh?

    Hey, Can I still congratulate you on the race!? You know how us non-runners are just in awe that you did it.

  5. I know, I am shocked to, but it has gotten alot of attention. you have to admire that! I bet they have allot more buisness now :) cute post, now I want pizza, lol!! xxoo LA


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