My routine, or lack there of, has been flipped upside down. Clearly, I didn't have enough work at my last job because that's how I kept up with reading other blogs and writing my own. New job = no time to blog. Poopy.

So, recap on the whole changing my flight for an interview. Turned out that it was 100% the right decision not to jeopardize the contract position. I am actually liking my contract job (though it has room for improvement with it's processes - it's not a free-for-all but developers are doing support which isn't ideal). I went to the long and tedious nearly full-day interview before I left for Houston and it went fairly well, though some of the technical questions were completely irrelevant to the type of programming I do. With honesty being my saving grace and also fault, I simply went with "I don't know" because I am the last person who is going to attempt to bullshit her way through a technical interview. Friday, I did not hear anything from them, so, already I knew I did not sail through. Monday, I started my contract job and got an email from the other company telling me that they thought it went well but are not ready to make a final decision (in other words, "we like you well enough but we think there's better out there and are going to leave you hanging as a back up as long as we can"). The crazy thing is that my former coworker who has more experience than me and knows the VP and manager of the engineering group very well got a rejection. I was shocked. I thought, for sure, he was in. You just never know - which is exactly why I chose to cough up the $275 to change my flight rather than jerk around the other people. That money was "peace of mind" money. I would have been wondering "what if" about the other company had I just decided not to interview.

Now I am sitting here waiting for EDD to call me. Yeah, I have a mandatory phone interview (interrogation?) with the unemployment department, for whatever reason, that they scheduled for me between 8 and 10am. I'm glad they chose a Saturday, but it's a little unnerving. I guess they are being extra careful with vetting people's claims seeing as the State of California is Broke.

Oh, and just to touch on some economic stuff - I am really encouraged by the new Administration's latest home affordability bill they released this week. It addresses folks like us to have been responsibly paying their mortgages, yet can't refinance. I'm not sure, yet, if our house will qualify - our loan is owned my Fannie Mae, but the maximum refinance is 105% of the market value. We owe $450,000. That would mean our house would have to be worth around $430,000. It's a stretch. However, perhaps if we finish up the flooring and such, we can get an appraisal that could come close to that number. Maybe. The neighbors sold for 420K and our house is bigger (though our yard is crap). This would drop our mortgage from around $2800 (not including taxes & ins) to around $2450 (assuming 5.25%). That would allow me to breathe easier should one of use lose our job for an extended period of time. It also would mean should we ever need to move we could rent it out for a only a small loss (rather than an enormous one). This is really a great idea on their part - if people can refinance into more affordable loans it will decrease the incidence of foreclosure. Not to mention, it finally throws a bone to the responsible faction of America that got plain 'ol screwed by the system.

Well, can't say I know when I'll be writing again. I'm going to shoot for a few time a week. I can't say I'll be able to compulsively read all the blogs I did when I was under-utilized at my last job, but I'll try to check-in when I can. I hope everyone is doing well out there in the blog-o-sphere!


  1. I'm glad the new job is going well!

    And hopefully you will qualify for the refinance.

    Have a good week!

  2. ditto - I'm glad you are well and hope to hear from you as much as possible with the new gig!

  3. You made the right decision and are being rewarded for it. Don't you love when that happens?

  4. I think you might have to try blogging at night or we will never know what is going on with you!!

  5. Yes that was really my son on that comment. He get's all whiney like that when I'm upset with him. Which is's he care's how he makes me feel.

    As for feeling personal complaints about what the financial situation does to a person.....I feel we all have a right to feel about the consequences in our lives whatever we feel. It doesn't mean we're not grateful for what we have rather that we are frustrated by the implications it places on our personal lives. It's ok...ok to vent those things.


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