If you find me venting to the radio while driving it's either related to someone who can't drive or someone (maybe the same someone previously mentioned) who decided to plaster their political and social opinions onto the back of his/her car. There is nothing more aggravating to me than seeing an Anti-Choice bumper sticker with some "fact". Drives me bonkers. I also will talk to non-existent passengers (or existing, who choose to ignore me) when I see a Bush/Cheney '04 sticker -- makes me bananas (side note: interestingly, I have yet to see a McCain sticker... and I live in a county where the Blues are outnumbered). Why (WHY?) must you put your political opinions in my face?

During the 2004 election year, I was torn as to whether or not I wanted to put the Kerry-Edwards sticker on my car. One, because of the above mentioned reason, and two, I was afraid I'd get like rear-ended, living in the Republican Bastion called Southwest Riverside County. Or that acquaintances who leaned right would see my sticker and let that influence their view of me as person. That and I really wasn't all that jazzed about Kerry, though I did spend a Saturday afternoon at a phone bank for the Democratic Party, calling registered Dems in Arizona to get out the vote (at that point, if Kerry was a hula-hooping circus monkey, I would have done the same. I seriously feared another 4 years of Bush, and that fear proved to be correct).

Well, call me a hypocrite because I am seriously considering posting my political views on my car. I know. I am That Asshole. I am a waffler! I want an Obama sticker because it's time, people. We have our nominee.

This time around, unlike in 2004, I really like our candidate. He is not boring like Kerry. He doesn't drone on in speeches like Old Man McCain. I am fired up! I care less now who reads my sticker and wants to rear-end me for being a bleeding-heart liberal, because it's time. It's time to get behind Barack Obama!


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