They Will Say Anything to Win

I remember sometime last year when "they" (the infamous "they") were predicting gas prices would hit the $4 mark. I though this was the normal media exaggeration to gain viewer-ship. They are just saying this for effect - shock and awe! 4 dollars1 Oh, the humanity! Well, my friends, I just paid $3.99 for the cheap stuff, and I saw $4.02 on the way into work this morning. Holy Moly. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. I am paying $4 a gallon for gas. I am thankful I only fill up once a week (and this time I chose to fill only 1/2 way because it was too painful to think I would hit $50 to fill up with 12.5 gallons).

The most hysterical thing about this is the crap spewing from Hilary Clinton and John McCain's useless mouths. They are calling for a temporary reduction of the federal gas tax. It's only 18 cents a gallon! I'm sorry, but paying $3.82 instead of $4.00 per gallon does nothing for me. This country is already broker than a drunk unlucky gambler in Vegas - let's take away a huge chunk of tax income so we have to borrow even more money from China, resulting in more weakening of an already beaten-down dollar. The only one making any sense is Barack Obama. Hilary is so intent on doing anything to get the nomination that it is nauseating. It is puke-worthy.

They need to focus on (1) strengthening the US dollar (which will improve our buying power of gasoline), (2) research and development of alternative energy sources, (3) more fuel efficient vehicles, (4) public transportation. Giving us an 18 cent reduction per gallon of gas is futile. Going from ridiculously-fucking-insanely-high gas prices to ridiculously-fucking-high gas prices is pointless. It's laughable. And it shows that McCain (and Clinton for that matter) doesn't have a grasp on our problem with energy consumption. Gee, that'll fix it, take the tax off - poof! All fixed, look at all that extra 18 cents you have in your pocket, after paying $14 million to fill your gas tank.

I would love to take both of them by the back of the head, ala 3 Stooges, and bonk their foreheads together, Maybe that'll knock them out of their fantasy-land dream world and back into reality.


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