What's it been? Like a year?

Yeah, I'm still here.

In case you were wondering, I ran St George last year - a 3:37:14. This year's Boston Marathon application volume was unprecedented. For 9 days, it was torture running hypothetical mathematical scenarios. In the end, the cutoff was higher than most folks predicted but pretty close to the more thorough analysis. I squeaked in with 18 seconds to spare. I never would  have thought that 2:46 would be that close to being "out."

I also ran Houston in January (surprisingly pulled out a 3:42:xx with not the greatest training - I think I had a lot of base built up from STG that carried through). San Diego Rock n Roll was a shit-show for me, 4:09 (slowest marathon time since 2003 - 12 years ago), thanks to many illnesses I got from the little monkey (infants put germ-y thing in their mouths). I ramped back up probably a little too quickly and didn't do really any speed work (and zero racing because it was just disgustingly hot here... and still is - 82 was the high today on the coast which is an improvement to what was in September), so I got just an okay result (3:46:xx) at Chicago.

I realized as I hobbled around, cramping, for an hour after finishing the Chicago Marathon, that it wasn't worth half-assing training and flying out to a race that costs me a lot of time and money. Half-assing a local race? Sure. But not something big like Chicago.

Aside from this, I started another blog using my programming skills to do the 2017 Boston Marathon cut off prediction. If you like data, you may like the posts there.


Anyway, hope anyone that is still reading is doing well! I feel like running blogs have lost their pizzazz? Has it jumped The Shark?


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