Taper Time and Other Stupid House Crap

So, as I'm sitting here contemplating an early escape from work, I get a text from my husband that the neighbors have tented their house. We have Corky's coming tomorrow so you know what that means. Our house will probably get the "you need to tent" verdict as well. I fucking hate tenting. Yes, it deserves that level of curse word.

When you have two dogs, and now a baby, tenting is a giant inconvenience. Like, Massive Pain in the Ass because you have to clear out of your house for I think 72 hours. I remember last time we did it, it was Friday to Monday. Nevermind it's a couple thousand bucks, but you need to put yourself up somewhere, then you need to also put your dogs somewhere. So then you have to get your dogs all their shots (I always keep up on rabies, but with my 11 year old female, it's fairly unlikely that she suddenly is no longer immune to Distemper/Parvo/etc when she's been vaccinated a bajillion times in her life. After a while it does more harm than good - read up on Hemolytic Anemia and canine vaccines if you are interested).

Most of my frustration all stems from the original butt holes (Terminix) who gave my house the "all clear" when we were in escrow. Not one week after we moved in, we found frass on the back stoop of our master bedroom. Not just a "tiny bit" like "oh they just moved in like us," but that they have been fully settled in with a large extended family. Again, Terminix does a crap-tastic job. This is par for the course with them. And the previous owners had a subscription-like contract with them where they would come check yearly or more often, and then also treat. So, it's not even like the screwed up once. They screwed up over a period of years. They're only in it for the money, clearly.

Anywho, so this week I went into taper. 52 miles, down to 28. Sunday, I ran 20 miles with my buddy and we started at 6am before the sun was even up because it's been so freaking hot here. Like miserably hot and humid. This week it was 99F at my house and felt like 104F because of humidity. I live 1 mile from the bay, and about 3 miles from the ocean. It's not normal and it has made training for this marathon mentally challenging for me because the heat makes it more difficult to hit paces or when those paces are run, it feels harder. Just starting the 20 miler an hour early this last time, it felt 100% better than the previous weekend. But it still was tough with 81F at 9:30am literally on the beach. I just hope I can pull it through on race day. That and we don't get crazy headwind and/or hot weather. If I fail, I don't want that excuse. I want no reason other than myself and my own performance as to why I didn't make it under 3:40.

Time to go home!


  1. My husband is a general contractor who used to get a lot of work from botched Terminix situations. They are a nightmare.


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