Three weeks of living out of suitcases…

Greetings from our extended stay hotel! The good news is that it appears this 3 week stint is coming to a close very shortly. Possibly as soon as Monday night! We actually closed escrow last Wednesday but because we had to do the sewer line replacement and then hardwood refinishing, we couldn’t just move in. Sewer guys finished up today and hardwood guys are supposedly going to be finished tomorrow! We saw the first coat today at 6pm when we dropped some more stuff off at the house. Our storage pods were dropped off  yesterday and we unloaded today into the garage (since the hardwood is not ready and we’re also going to be replacing carpet).

The last few days of escrow were a bit of madness because after I told our lender we wanted to close as soon as possible, it was a mad dash of emails, phone calls, loan docs, etc. It was the least smooth escrow closing I’ve had – this is number 4 for me. We also closed in 24 days including 14 days spent during the inspection due-diligence – had the house been in good condition (i.e. not having sewer, drainage, and foundation repair work), we may have been able to close as quickly as 20 days or less. We ended up having to do two separate meetings with the notary because the docs arrived in pieces (first loan came first, second loan came the next day). And our closing costs were more than the repair credit so there was complication there as lenders don’t allow seller credits in excess of non-recurring closing costs (so the seller wrote a check for the remainder to the sewer repair company0. But it all worked out even though we may have incurred more notary expenses, few more gray hairs, etc.

Anyway, the house at closing (these will be good as “before” pictures because, holy shit, we have a lot of work to do):


















  1. Congratulations! Did I read this right, did you let somebody else put in hardwood for you?! :) Well, I suppose you already have a 9 month DIY project you are working on...

    1. LOL - I don't trust myself with refinishing. The hardwood was already there, but I left it to the pros to pry up damaged boards to replace, and then do the sanding. Installing prefinished hardwood is easy - probably would have done that myself ;) or convinced my husband to do it.


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