I’m Still Here… But Not So Much Running Going On

Alright folks. I didn’t fall off the face of the earth. I haven’t fallen in a ditch.

Running? Not happening so much right now because I’ve got a 4 inch human (of the female variety) currently residing in my lower abdomen. Yup, no more DINK status for us in about 6 months. I figured, I was getting kind of old (just turned 35) so I’d better get on it before nature took the option away. Sorry I don’t have a cute little reveal picture – it really isn’t my style.

I WAS running a whole lot more until about 4 weeks ago. I ran Ragnar at 6 weeks along – our team placed 3rd in the open submasters group. Had I been able to run my no-baby 7:30 pace we might have gotten second. There was only about 15 minutes between 2nd and 3rd, and then another 15 minutes between 1st and 2nd. Oh well. I kept my pace such that I never had to breathe through my mouth – which at that time was 8:45-9:00. A week later, I ran the La Jolla Half slowly (40 minutes slower than my PR), and then finally, at 8 weeks I ran the Safari Park Half (30 minutes off my PR). By the time I was done with those races I was so over running. It’s really not fun running paces slower than what you’re used to. It’s actually kind of boring. When you’re pushing it, it’s distracting in a good way. When you’re just trotting along, it’s pretty tedious.

After I finished those races, I knew I wasn’t going to run any more races pregnant because it wasn’t all that fun.

Anyway, about 4-5 weeks ago, my gut instincts told me that I needed to sell my damn house and not be driving 50 minutes each way to work (and my husband too, with a similar length commute) dealing with daycare and a baby. Thus running has been replaced with “finish every half-done project and put the house up by mid-July”.

It’s been a major pain in the ass. I feel like a project manager, dealing with delivery schedules of windows, carpet, hardwood flooring, landscaper, chasing down companies that can make me small-ass retrofit windows for the bathrooms, planning out weekends (and weeknights) in order to get it all done by our self-imposed deadline. We’ve hit some snags like when Jeldwen lost our window order (awesome), and then when I screwed up the measurement of one of the windows upstairs. Not ideal. That mistake really chaps my ass because we’d be on schedule otherwise (I can’t help beating myself up about it – I’m as hard on my self as I am on the windows company delivering them nearly 3 weeks late).

The real estate market is looking good but mortgage rates took a pretty big jump in the last month so I’m hoping that isn’t too detrimental to the plan. We’re not going to get what we paid for it (in fact, we’ll probably be selling 40-60K under what we paid, not counting the money we put into it on updates – we’re probably closer to a 80-100K loss). I just hope to get out a reasonable amount of equity to roll into the next house which will be smaller, older, and probably cost 200K more (sigh, living in San Diego proper isn’t cheap, but the 15 minute commute will be worth it).

Tomorrow I’m volunteering at the Harding Hustle 50K – that race was a bull-buster last year (over 90 degrees when I finished – 7000 feet of elevation gain) so I felt like it would be nice to help out because it’s looking like another hot one this year for runners. Apparently record highs in some parts, so I’m guessing it’ll again be over 90, maybe even getting close to 100 when the middle of the pack is finishing. It’s my first time volunteering at a race – I’m kind of excited even if I have to get up before 4am (my shift starts at 5am and I live an hour south). Looking forward to giving back to the running community!


  1. Congratulations, I'm so excited for you!!!

    Also, so excited to volunteer. Thanks again for looping me in on that!

    Basically, I guess I'm really excited today.

  2. Congratulation on the amazing little human news! I had heard rumors that it was in the works, huge congrats!! I also signed up for Harding but decided against it somewhere along the way. Kind of glad I did since it is going to be stinkin' hot.

  3. You have a way more awesome reason for bailing on blogging than I do! Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations!! Exciting news. I know what you mean about slowing down/not as fun. Good luck finishing up the home stuff!


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