Wherein I Curse 19 Seconds. I MeanTwenty.

What's up with all you nut-bags out there? I say that lovingly, of course, since I may as well be the biggest nutter-bar out there. Ha! Well, maybe not, but, weird, I am still.

I think I mentioned that I had been busting my hump in the weeks prior to Thanksgiving in an attempt to get a good time in my local 5K Turkey Trot. That's basically how I began my 4 day vacation - with 26 minutes of discomfort. Or rather, what I had hoped would be 25:59 minutes of discomfort which ended up being 26:19. Who was aggravated? Yep, I missed my goal by 20 seconds. Stupid 20 seconds. However, it was the fastest I have run in four and a half years (woefully far from high school but "whatever"), so I am taking some solace in that fact. 26 minutes is seriously some kind of retarded 5K hurdle that I can't seem to cross and I'm sure if I busted my ass a little harder, it may have happened.

Anyway, those paltry 3.1 miles seriously kicked my butt because Friday I did nothing. NOTHING. Can you imagine? I just sat on the couch all day, watching TV. Didn't leave the house. I had visions that I would make serious progress on molding this vacation but none of that happened. And I slept. Oh boy, did I sleep. I napped pretty much every day, slept till 8:30, etc. I must have caught up on months of sleep deficit.

Saturday I did manage to paint two of the doors bright white (from the dingy off-white that no longer matched the new trim) and yesterday we constructed the box mantel for the fireplace from two 1 x 8 x 8 boards of select pine. Now I have to distress it (i.e. beat the crap out of it), find a decent stain match to the floor (tell me that's not going to be annoying), antique it up with glaze, coat of polyurethane, and finally mount the sucker. Still lots to do on that front.

Alright folks, time to wrap up. Pats game is starting soon and I'm still here at the office.


  1. Sorry about your time...please just be impressed that you can run. I only run from my car to my front door if it's raining.

    I'm glad you got lots of rest. But I'm going to need you to hurry up with the mantle so I can see the Christmas garland on it.


  2. Your time was AWESOME! Congrats!!

  3. CONGRATS!! You did a great 5K and still did home repair. amazing

  4. I know exactly how you feel! I was 12 seconds off of my goal time in a 10k last month and bummed out the entire day. For my Turkey Trot, I gave myself a range instead of specific goal and things worked out much better for me :).

  5. Nice going on the Turkey Trot. My first 5K, my goal was not to let anyone with a baby jogger pass me (and just FYI, those bitches are fast!). Second 5k, my goal was not to let anyone toting an oxygen tank on wheels pass me. Score! I win!

    Hurry up with some fireplace surround photos, because I realllllly need to do something with my fireplace and I need to see what you're doing! Maybe if I can pretty up my F.P. I can get this sucker sold.


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