Jessica Simpson and Automagic Flushing Toilets

Call me harsh, but Jessica Simpson might be dumber than I imagined. Or rather more out of touch with reality than I imagined. Her maltipoo got snatched by a coyote and she has a reward out to get her back. Really? In one identifiable piece? I mean, I'd be heartbroken if it happened to my dog but there is no way in Hollywood hell a little 10-pound maltese-poodle can defend itself against a coyote. The sad reality is that the dog was scrumptious dinner prey, for the coyote and she is not "with us" anymore. She is in Doggy Heaven. It's silly to get all Twittery about finding any part of her. I know, I am heartless. But seriously, it's just so beyond realistic to expect the dog survived. It's more likely Kanye West will tell me my music video sucks.

Onto more bathroom/toilet discussion, because it seems to be a recurring theme for me lately. I don't like automatic flushing toilets. Nope. Don't like 'em. And it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with everyone else. We have auto-flushing thrones in the new building at work, and it seems that 80% of the time I use that restroom, I run into an unflushed toilet. It has created this reliance on the toilet - that it will flush itself - that people don't STICK AROUND to see if their waste actually got sucked down. Now, I'm not someone that gets my knickers in a wad about everyday stuff like farts, poo, etc. But I really don't need to see stale pee or poo when I go into a bathroom, especially if it is from the ass of a faceless stranger. These auto-flushers are breeding Flushing Laziness. I even think that they are messing with heads of people using the manual flush bathrooms because at no other place I have worked, have I run into so many unflushed or partially flushed toilets. It's like, the boogie man is in the stall with them and they run out like their ass is on fire before determining the outcome of the flush. What is wrong with society these days!!!

Also, more bathroom stuff, as much as urinals freak me out (I'm sorry, the whole concept of them is creepy) they do offer the unintended benefit of early warning that you're walking into the wrong bathroom. Ever do that? It's like "WHOA! Wrong door!" So, I'll give urinals that kudos.

I other non-potty news, the credit crap? All squared away! Yay! Haven't check my FICO yet but it had better be near or above 800 or I am going to be a bit tweaked. Just a bit. Yeah. And the saltillo tile floor? One 10x10 room left to go! And I think I have my wood flooring picked out for the living room/dining room (planning to do the Home Depot 12-month no interest deal, just to soften the blow), and also, lets throw some more ands into this sentence, and I installed the stone veneer on the fireplace. I have some drywall patching and painting to do around it, and it still needs a mantle. But it's already much better. I will post some pictures later this week.

I'm off to use the potty now and will most definitely be monitoring the flush. Thanks for reading.


  1. Can she really be that dumb? Horror!

    I fly the hell out of the stalls with auto flush because I'm afraid of getting splashed by the toilet water. But I do listen to make sure the thing is operating.

  2. It's because it flushes while you hover and then doesn't flush afterwards. And I hate getting the toilet water on my hiney-ho while I hover.

    Jessica proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is a ding-a-ling on her reality show. To expect much more from her is futile.

    She was on Oprah once and said it had been her mother's "job" to pick up after her when she was a kid. Idiot.

  3. We do not have auto flushes here at work, but I do know that my boss uses her feet/shoe to flush. WTF? Seriously. Touch the handle and go wash your hands. How does she lock and unlock the stall? By touching the knob that all those that FLUSHED THE TOILET with our hands ALSO touched. Such a weirdo.


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