Friday, May 30, 2014

St George Marathon Training Week #2 Review

And just like that, week 2 was done, and now I'm in the middle/end of week 3.

Because I had already been running close to 40 mpw, the first two weeks felt kind of easy, with the exception of the 14 miler. I have not been running long, so whenever I get past 12 miles, I can feel the shallow base I have from taking a 7 month running hiatus.

The same little aches and pains exist that I had before I was pregnant. My left leg/hip continues to be an asshole. It's like all that time off did shit shinola. Clearly, whatever irks my leg is biomechanical.

Also, this week I decided to start taking calcium supplements because the monthly witch has yet to show her face (lactational amenorrhea). Better safe than sorry (really don't want to be sidelined with an sfx).


In case you care to see it, here is my training log


Plan: 7 miles @ 9:30
Actual: 7 miles @ 8:54
I ran around my work neighborhood which is hilly (goes down then up, which is not as fun as up then down). Because I'm nursing, anything more than 4 miles requires carrying hydration. I got through an entire 20 ounce bottle.


Plan: 6 miles, with 3x1mi at 7:32
Actual: Probably something similar to the above. I don't remember all the details because I was on the treadmill messing around with inclines and speeds a bit so I didn't bore myself to death. Total, 6 miles @ 8:26.

Rest (swapped with Sat)

Plan: 6 mi @ 9:30
Actual: 6 @ 9:16
I swapped Friday for Saturday so I didn't have to run at work. Not sure how long I'll be able to do this as the midweek runs get longer.

Plan: 14 @ 9:30
Actual: 14 @ 9:09
Went OK, but, man, am I ever going through water. Sure, it got a little toasty (like 72 at the end) but normally (meaning pre-baby, pre-food truck status) all I need is about 20 ounces of fluid. I drank 40. Luckily my routes have plenty of water fountains but I'm thinking when I get to 18 I might try on the big guns - my Nathan hydration vest that holds 70 ounces.

Total miles: 33.03

Another cool thing to note about the Garmin 220, it has some snazzy technology to determine your cadence! Now, I suspected I had a really high cadence, mostly because my legs are short and the only way I can get faster is if I speed up my turn over. My average cadence has been around 185. I am digging this new feature, and the bluetooth upload to the mobile app.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

St George Marathon Training Week #1 Review

I knew it was possible I'd get picked so, obviously, I didn't think it was that crazy to attempt 26.2 10 months post-baby. Maybe I'm delusional, but as of mid March, when I ran a 1:56 half under hot and hilly conditions, I figured it was possible I could BQ on the St George course. So I tossed my name into the hat.

Plus, I love Zion and we haven't gone to Bryce Canyon yet, so I figured worst case it was going to be a good trip to some very beautiful places.

As soon as I got that email, I did a quick Googling of marathon training plans and decided I'd stick with Runners World SmartCoach. I like the marathon plans it spits out - the half plans I don't like as much, but I'm usually in agreement with what it recommends for 26.2. And it doesn't have fixed weeks like 12 or 18. It's whenever you want to start, which means it's a 21 week training for me.

Also, I despise plans with lots of speed work. I've seen that I make really good progress with just running more miles. One day of speed work per week is plenty for me.

The day I got the email. I had already run 5 miles at lunch which was not on the training plan, so bonus miles. 5 miles easy @ 8:56 pace.

Training plan: 6 miles @ 9:32
Actual: 5 miles @ 9:10.

Since I had run 5 the day before, I cut it down to 5.

Training plan: Rest

Training plan: 7 miles with 5 miles at 8:10 pace.
Actual: 7 @ 8:30

I like to do speed work on the treadmill (lately I do a lot of runs on the 'mill because of time) because of the control over the pace, but I know it's easier to run on it, so I ran the 5 tempo miles at from 0-1%, varying the slope as I ran, and I also kicked up the speed a bit in the last 1.5 miles to 7.4 ending at 7.7. I know, tempo is the same speed, but it felt pretty easy and finishing a bit faster didn't feel that much harder.

Training plan: 6 miles @ 9:32.
Actual: Rest.

Since it was only 6 and it's easier to run on the weekends with the baby, I decided to shift it to Saturday morning.

Training plan: Rest
Actual: 6.27 miles @ 9:06

I ran down and then up the massive hill by my house (it's like 200+ feet gain in less than a mile - it's pretty steep. Not the steepest, though. There's another hill about a mile away that some cars would definitely scrape the front bottom bumper. Part of me wants to try to charge up it and see just how horrific it surely will feel).

Training plan: 12 @ 9:32
Actual: 12 @ 9:08

Decided not to run The Hill again, and started at Mission Bay, ran around Fiesta Island, and then added some more miles, running around Sea World.

Total miles: 35.28

Other things to note, my Garmin Forerunner 110 went mammaries up yesterday, so I had to use Map My Run on my phone for Saturday's run. I picked up the Garmin 220 from Road Runner Sports on Saturday because I have no retail patience, and after quickly researching, it was the best price, anyway, with my VIP discount.

I've only done one run with it, but so far it's pretty sweet. It's much lighter feeling than the 110. It vibrates on the mile splits, it locked on a satellite very fast (less than 30 seconds) and I apparently it can sync via Bluetooth? I don't care that much about the sync'ing though maybe I should try it. I need to do more research on all its nifty, snazzy features.

[In case anyone is wondering about the whole breast feeding thing.. During the week, if it's an hour or less, I run on the treadmill at work, or outside. It's usually about 90 minutes after I last pumped to empty, so it's totally comfortable. On weekends, for a shorter run, I will pump enough that I am comfortable (because normally in the morning, it's like a milk bonanza going on). For longer runs, I try to pump close to empty since I know I'll be gone longer. The Husband has the baby while I'm gone and feeds her if she gets hungry, otherwise, I feed her when I get home.]

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Running Update: Half Marathon #2 Post Baby

It's serious business moving monkeys around.

Also. She has more hair, and two teeth. She's definitely an Advanced Teether - the range to get the first bottom teeth 5-8 months. She's all: "I'm gonna get that shit done at 4.5!"

Anyway, so, running. It's been happening. I've been squeezing runs in at lunch during the work day, ranging from 4-6 miles, with one rest day. The longest I've run is 13.1 miles, 3 times. Two of them were races, St Patrick's Day Half Marathon, and then this past weekend I ran the Girls on the Go Half Marathon at Mission Bay, so, flat as a pancake. Though you have to run around Fiesta Island 1.5 times which is kinda boring. We were just lucky it wasn't a million degrees (like it is today! 96 degrees by the bay - WTF?!).

I was figuring I could go under 1:50 but I also had super shitty sleep during the week thanks to Tooth Number Two cutting through. I haven't looked at my splits, but I was averaging 8:20-8:30 the first 7 or so miles. Around mile 8 I just started picking it up. I remember seeing 8:11, 8:16, the last 4 or 5 miles were 7:50-8:10. I was getting side stitchy feelings that I had to push through towards the end, but I was getting pumped by the fact that I was running a healthy negative split and I picked off 3 people in the second half in a relatively small race. Official time was 1:47:56. 8:14 pace. 

Just under 7 minutes off my PR from January 2013.

Back in April, I decided to throw my name into the St George Marathon hat because I figured if I were going to take advantage of the Third Time's a Charm rule, I'd need to start entering. Well, surprise, surprise, I got picked.

So, in 21 weeks, while likely still breastfeeding, I will be running St George with the purpose of getting a BQ. Should be interesting.